Help us create the buzz! Build for the March on Springfield

Written By BFC


October 16, 2013


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Our three chapters in Illinois have joined together with partners like Dignity/Chicago, New Ways Ministry and Fortunate Families to create a Catholics for Marriage Equality campaign in Illinois!

Across the country, the individuals and groups who have come together as Catholics for Marriage Equality have been integral to marriage equality efforts.  Our Call To Action members played an important role in organizing the successful campaigns in Maryland, Minnesota, Maine and Washington last year; this year, they’re gearing up in Illinois, Ohio, New Jersey and other states across the country.

Even if your state already approved marriage rights for LGBT families, you can support the effort to bring equality to all states.   The March on Springfield is October 22nd.   You can help create a “buzz” on this issue by talking with your friends and family from Illinois.

Call your friends and relatives in Illinois today and urge them to get involved by signing up with Catholics for Marriage Equality, Illinois, attending the rally in Springfield or writing letters to the editors.  Check out the great work our Illinois members have been doing at