From Tears to Joy – Call To Action’s Witness in Rome

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May 5, 2016


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Dear Friend,

This morning in Rome Call To Action staff member Aaron Bianco participated in a conversation sponsored by Pax Romana on the ways the Church has contributed to people’s pain and suffering. Aaron spoke passionately about the LGBTQI experience and the heartache that is often felt by members of this community. He was 1 of only 6 speakers worldwide invited to talk.

Later tonight, Aaron will represent us at Saint Peter’s Basilica as Pope Francis presides at a vigil dedicated to those who suffer at the hands of the Church. The To Dry the Tears prayer vigil will focus on the pain and struggle felt by God’s people today.

This isn’t only about drying painful tears. It’s a call to build a Church where there is no need for weeping and mourning – a place of radical love and radiant joy.

Aaron is bringing Call To Action’s commitment to a more welcoming, inclusive, affirming and just Church to the heart of the Vatican.

Both during the panel discussion and evening vigil, he’s giving voice to a different way of being church. One in which all of us, together, are able to fully participate and contribute our gifts. Aaron is standing for all of us and pledging to continue our work of cultivating Catholic spaces of inclusion and justice.

Pitch in $5 today and enable us to continue our witness at these types of events!

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If we have the means, Call To Action will go anywhere, anytime, to build up the reign of God for the people of God.

Thanks for being on this journey with us,

Amy Sheber Howard, Co-Executive Director

Ryan Hoffmann, Co-Executive Director

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