Faith & Family Network

Ministry-Activism-2011-Conf2011-ChildrenDancingCall To Action sponsors a network of progressive Catholics who parent children under the age of 18 or who are thinking about having, adopting, or fostering children.

The network is for support and discussion around a host of issues facing progressive Catholic parents, as well as a place for sharing resources.

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What type of support, discussion, and resources does this network offer?

  • Do you wonder about how to raise children in the Catholic tradition while teaching them about an inclusive ideal, or do you have advice on how to do so?
  • If the Church views your family as not living in accordance with Catholic teachings, do you wonder how to reconcile your desire to pass on Catholic values with what you and your children hear from the pulpit?
  • Are you planning your child’s baptism/first communion/confirmation and want to find out what others did?
  • How do you handle your child’s religious education–e.g. are they learning one thing at Church and another at home?
  • What kinds of ways are you introducing them to the Church-related topics that are important to you, e.g. social justice, faith sharing and spirituality, anti-racism, acceptance of gays and lesbians, environmental justice, service to others, etc.?

Whether you have younger children and are just starting to wonder about these issues, or a seasoned parent who has much to share, we invite you to join our network for informal sharing and discussion.