Pope Francis’ Remarks on Gender Demonstrate Willful Ignorance

Written By Call To Action


August 4, 2016


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Recently Pope Francis strongly condemned aspects of gender identity and sharply rebuked those in the transgender community who do not conform to traditional binary roles. He said some “choose their sex” and that such is “terrible.”

Call To Action is not only disappointed and dismayed by his remarks, but believe his willful ignorance is dangerous to those in the transgender community.

“As I’ve gotten to know those in the transgender community better, I’ve learned that not only are they not terrible, but that they, too, are beautifully and wonderfully made in God’s image and likeness. They have something very sacred to teach our Church about what it means to be human” says Ryan Hoffmann, Co-Executive Director.

He goes on to say, “It may not fit in the neat boxes or adhere to the rigid rules of the institutional Church, but that’s what makes their witness so powerful and prophetic. The question, I believe, is whether or not our Church is willing to listen with genuine openness and empathy. I’d like to think our Church will choose this path over one of dangerous and divisive rhetoric.”

Click here for an introductory resource on the transgender community and pronouns




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