CTA and Catholic Workers in Kansas support resisters

Written By BFC


December 13, 2013


Focus Areas:

Our members’ passion for justice often goes far beyond the policies of the institutional Church.  Today in Kansas City, members of our CTA Heart of America chapter will join other activists at a prayer service to support those arrested in a recent action protesting the construction of a Nuclear weapons facility.

The 9 civil resisters (including several CTA folks, priests and a nun) were among 24 who “crossed the line” earlier this year protesting the Honeywell plant, they will be tried today at 1:30.   The prayer service and dinner will take place at Cherith Brook Catholic Worker House tonight to bring together supporters of the effort to shut down the plant.

“I will plead not guilty by reason of sanity.” said one defendant in a press statement, “Every creature is by nature loving, peaceful, oriented to community, says Lauren. The new plant will contribute to the destruction of our environment and of people, and therefore is illegal.”

Our chapters across the country are involved in supporting justice work in diverse ways every day, find your local group on our chapters page to meet progressive Catholics doing the work of the Church in your area!


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