Chapters prepare for Chrism Mass vigils

Written By BFC


April 11, 2014


Focus Areas:

Groups across the country are busy planning their annual Chrism Mass vigils.  Each year, CTA chapters around the country organize these prayer vigils for women’s ordination at their local cathedrals, which usually gain plenty of local news coverage and are a great opportunity to take a stand for women’s equality.  The diocesan-wide Mass takes place at the beginning of Holy Week, so our vigils are scheduled whenever the diocese announces the Mass.

After last year’s vigil, the group in Albany wrote, “It was a very cold windy spot to hold signs but spirits were up and all four entrances to the Cathedral were covered by members who offered brochures to attendees as well as passers-by.  Car horns honked in approval and the biggest surprise was being joined by a woman passing by who stopped to discuss the issue of women’s ordination and stayed to hold signs and join the local CTA group!”

This year, vigils will be held in many diocese large and small, including Milwaukee, Austin, Lansing, New Orleans, DC, Green Bay and Boston.  To find one in your area, call your local chapter, or organize your own.

Chrism Masses traditionally gather all the priests in the diocese to bless the sacramental oils which they will use in the coming year as they minister to their community.  In recent years, the Chrism Mass has also been a time for the men to recommit to their vows and reaffirm their obedience to the Bishop of the diocese.  The vigils for women’s ordination happen outside the cathedral, a powerful visual as all the male leaders of the diocese process past posters reading “Ordain Women” and “Priestly People Come in All Genders.”

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