Celebrate your Catholic Family

Written By BFC


December 29, 2013


Focus Areas:

The Bishops are preparing to meet and discuss what it means to minister to catholic families in the modern world.  We think families should be represented at the Synod, will you help us celebrate the diverse beauty of Catholic families?

Join us this Feast of the Holy Family, and the rest of the month, in celebrating the many shapes and sizes of families in our multi-colored Church.

Check out the #MyCatholicFamily campaign and join us by uploading a picture.  Whatever your definition of family–whether its parents and siblings, a group of friends that have supported you, you and your dog in Santa hats, or any other group that supports you– we know its love that makes a family and we want pictures!

There are lots of ways to join in the fun on Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr, you can even email us a picture and we’ll upload it for you.   Check out the website for details and recommendations on further action and share those beautiful pictures!

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