Catholics urge Pope to speak up against violence

Written By BFC


January 31, 2014


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Around the world, Catholics are standing up against violence and for love.  Now, they are urging the Pope to do the same.  CTA is one of the organizations co-sponsoring a campaign last week which encourages Catholics to speak out against anti-LGBT laws in countries like Russia, India, Jamaica and Uganda.

The campaign was initiated by a project called No More Triangle Nations and asks people to get involved in seeing LGBT rights as a global conversation.  They also point out that leaders in nations that criminalize LGBT people often use religious arguments to promote their violent, discriminatory laws.  If the Pope were to speak out for the rights of LGBT people, it could make a difference.

“The Catholic Church’s position on such laws are clear: they are are unjust.” reported the Advocate in an article about the campaign.  No matter the official teaching of the hierarchy, imprisoning, beating and even killing LGBT people is a clear violation of human dignity and a multitude of Church teachings condemning violence.

You can email, write or even tweet the Pope as part of the campaign.  For background information, check out this post by our Equally Blessed coalition partner New Ways Ministry.

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