Catholics stand up for love in Springfield

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November 20, 2013


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At the cathedral in Springfield today, Catholics will gather to support the dignity of LGBT people.  In quick response to Bishop Paprocki’s appalling plan to mark the passage of the marriage equality law with prayers of exorcism, Catholics in IL quickly planned a counter vigil to thank Catholic legislators for following the conscience and to show support for an inclusive, loving Church.

“As parents of gay and lesbian children, we needed to go to a Catholic event where our children would be loved and valued instead of being bombarded by the condemning spirit of our bishop.”  said one of the organizers, who recently attended a Fortunate Families retreat for parents.  “After this wonderful retreat, we felt empowered to let our voices be heard.  We will pray and encourage each other.”

Catholics around the country quickly voiced their disbelief at the Bishop’s connection of the lives of LGBT people and exorcism.   “some Catholics believe the ritual Wednesday could cast off more Catholics than demons,” reported the Chicago Tribune, “On Tuesday, 14,000 petitioners called on the bishop to cancel the event.”

If you’re in Springfield today, join the vigil from 3-4pm across the street from the Cathedral of Immaculate Conception (524 East Lawrence, Springfield, IL).

If you don’t live nearby, you can still spread the word that there is no contradiction between being Catholic and supporting the dignity and equality of LGBT people; talk with your friends and family about this story and see what conversations can be sparked!



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