Catholics pray for all marriages

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February 7, 2014


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The limited scope of the Bishop’s preparations for this month’s “National Marriage Week” have inspired us to create a prayer for the majority of Catholics– those who believe that all loving relationships are equally blessed.

The National Marriage Week campaign’s limited scope creates an unwelcoming Church for the thousands of US Catholics in same-sex marriages who live their lives as shining examples of love in the face of discrimination. By encouraging local parishes to observe “National Marriage Day” during Sunday mass, the bishops are once again using the liturgy as a weapon to further alienate LGBT Catholics and their supporters,” reads the press release.  So, the Equally Blessed Coalition, of which CTA is a member, offers an alternative: a prayer celebrating the beauty of marriage in all its diversity and those who long for the day when we won’t hear prayers from the Bishops that exclude the realities of our own families.

To pray with us this week, download the prayer card and share it with your community, whether from an altar at your parish or from the Equally Blessed coalition’s Facebook page (or both!).

We’re also always curious how parishes are responding to these initiatives funded by the Bishops and the Knights of Columbus.  Send us and email or comment on this post to let us know if the campaign is mentioned from the altar on Sunday, and check out our Courageous Conversations resource for tips on small ways to make your community more welcoming.



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