Catholics eagerly respond to the Pope’s questions on the real lives of families

Written By Call To Action


November 14, 2013


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Catholics across the country are quickly responding to the survey written by the Vatican in preparation for the Synod on the Family!

Over 4400 people have already taken the time to respond to the survey, which CTA helped put online.

“Pope Francis’ emphasis on listening and dialogue has opened a window; Catholics are eager to answer his questions, and I’m excited to share this survey with my friends and family…At my parish, the Maryland marriage equality bill provided a context for us to discuss the real pastoral needs of LGBT people and their family members and allies. This survey and the Pope’s call for dialogue will be another great opportunity for us to break the silence and talk about the realities of life for all Catholics—gay and straight, married and single, divorced, with children, retired, working and unemployed.”  Said CTA chapter leader, Ryan Sattler

You can read more about the initial response to the survey’s launch here, and make sure to share it with friends, family, coworkers, neighbors… practicing and non practicing catholics of all political persuasions!  We want to make sure that this effort truly represents the diversity of experience and expertise in our Church.


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