Call To Action Remembers Daniel Berrigan as “Luminary of Justice”

Written By Call To Action


May 5, 2016


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Dear Friend,

The news that Daniel Berrigan had died brought a powerful reaction in me when I saw the New York Times news alert headline pop into my inbox Saturday night. I had desire for peaceful passing and good mourning for those who love him, and deep gratitude for the life of this courageous man and for the inspiration he has been to me and so many.

As a teenager I was in awe of someone who would act so boldly. Organizing to influence the common good seemed possible because of what I saw Daniel and Phil Berrigan and their friends in community do. Inspired by such courage, it seemed a given to study nonviolence in the years to follow, hoping for a fraction of the faithful audacity they modeled in the ordinary opportunities of my life.

That night, reading the overview of Daniel’s life in the New York Times, I had gratitude for the way this luminary symbolizes the spirit that catalyzed this movement of Call To Action. I was struck by the parallels between his courage in consistently living gospel values in the face of power and the courage of so many in Call To Action.

I have hope for the ways Daniel Berrigan’s life may continue to inspire, catalyze and embolden. I am grateful his niece, Frida Berrigan, has connected with our community and shared her journey as a peacemaker and mother at the Call To Action conference last year.

May we shine brightly to honor the memory of this great man.


Amy Sheber Howard, Co-Executive Director

Click here to access a live-stream of Daniel Berrigan’s funeral Friday morning

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