Building a Church for Our Daughters

Written By Call To Action


May 9, 2016


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Call To Action is pleased to stand with others in the reform movement and launch the Church for our Daughters initiative. Join us in building a Church for our daughters!

Did you know that exit rate of young adult Catholic women from Catholicism is greater than Catholic men their age? In fact, millennial Catholic women are more likely than their male counterparts to report that they never attend mass. They’re deeply spiritual, but they yearn for equality and authenticity.

We want our daughters to know radical inclusion and justice, equality without qualification, and an institution that transforms oppression into love without bounds.

Visit the Church for our Daughters website today and learn about our witness at the bishop’s meeting in June. Read the Church for our Daughters and sign the petition. Get resources for prayer and education.

We hope you’ll get involved. Join us in sowing seeds of hope for future generations.

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