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July 12, 2016


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The 2016 Call To Action Conference is right around the corner.  From November 11-13, we will gather in Albuquerque, NM, to learn, share faith, and create church.  This year’s conference is stocked full of amazing speakers and engaging topics.

We’re so excited about our keynote speakers this year!  Richard Rohr, the very renowned author and spiritual leader will share his insights on church reform and renewal in his keynote address In the Beginning is the Relationship.  Theologian Greer G. Gordon, a laywoman who has worked for over 40 years will be sharing her wisdom during Sunday morning’s keynote, Compassionate Catalysts: Being Christ in the World.  Author and expert in faith development of young adults, Kaya Oakes, will lead a panel of young adults who are engaged in their faith and in the world.

Our workshop speakers include a diverse array of experts speaking from their hearts on relevant topics.  Between environmental justice, Latina spirituality, decolonization, and experiencing gender as a call, it will be a challenge to choose which to attend!

Other breakout sessions will center on women’s equality in the Church, sexuality, Biblical support of the transgender experience, inter-religious dialogue, and the transformative power of mercy.

Dinners are a terrific time to gather with friends, both old and new, and break bread.  There is even entertainment saturday night, when Maya Kuper and Paul McComas will perform “Heralds of Hope in Story & Song.”

Jesus reminds us that where two or more gather, there I am in their midst.  This truth is certainly felt during our conference prayer sessions and liturgies.  Spiritus Christi, the independent Catholic community in Rochester, NY will assist with liturgies, which will be grounding and yet inspiring, the movement of the Spirit will lift your voice in song and your heart in gladness.

Be sure to come early and participant in one of the five pre-conference workshops scheduled for Friday.  There is something for everyone.  You can spend the day exploring ‘A New Sexual Ethic for our Time’ with Fran Ferder and John Heagle, or experience the passion and power of a story with Megan McKenna as she unfolds ‘New Hopes for Lay Ministry.’  You may want to participate in a retreat for LBGTQI people and Allies or learn how to lead change in the kaleidoscope of crossing identities.   There is even a Family-Friendly option to visit the Pueblo Cultural Center!

Perhaps the best reason to attend the 2016 Call To Action conference in Albuquerque is to be together with likeminded friends old and new.  Friends to share ideas as well as their stories.  We know kindness and joy and goodness are present as we come together as One Earth, One People: A Call to Mercy and Justice.

July 31st is the Conference Discount deadline!  Click here to sign up and lock in the cheapest rate for attending Call To Action’s 2016 Conference!

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