Albany Catholics collecting suggestions for new Bishop

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November 26, 2013


Focus Areas:

When news broke that their local Bishop would be retiring, Call To Action members in Albany, New York initiated an effort to gather the feedback of local Catholics about the needs of the region.  Working with other groups in the diocese, the grassroots effort is modeled after the 1976 effort by the Albany diocese which solicited input from parishioners before choosing the new Bishop.

“The purpose of the effort really is to avoid secrecy and make the voices of people in the diocese public” said chapter leader Steven Powers.   The effort is being publicized by word of mouth within the diocese and Steven said he hopes that their project will inspire Catholics in other diocese to do the same when new Bishops are being considered.

Catholics in Albany are encouraged to fill out a survey on the website which asks for their opinion on “the needs and opportunities in the diocese, which its next bishop must address” and the qualifications and traits the next Bishop should have.   The results will be collected and a report published publicly (individual names will remain anonymous) and sent to diocesan leadership and the Nuncio.

If you know anyone in upstate NY, be sure to send them the link!  If you want to find out more about the effort or start a similar one in your local diocese, check out the website for The Albany Bishop Search Project or contact us at CTA.

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  • Khurram says:

    I don’t envy the task of finding a sbltauie Bishop. So many highly qualified people, but the candidate faces more than just competition.The Episcopal Church stands at very top edge of a sharp fence, what can a Bishop do to guide his flock to unity when it’s clear that the flock is more prepared to divide than continue down the path the Church has taken.There will be many factors which the candidate must be screened for; holiness’ (do we look for that anymore?), passion, strength (not charisma), and many other things. What we DON’T need is someone who is straight but tolerant, gay but silent, a female because that would show our diversity, opinionated but reserved. What I am saying is the next leader should be a solid reflection of the direction this Diocese wants to go, without fear or compromise. We need to stop tap dancing around the issues.Since the early 70s we have watched a radical change in church politics, somewhat of a revolution of good and bad ideas. Let’s face the results of that revolution and either embrace it (openly, in writing, in doctrine), or reject it. Do we follow the Anglican Communion? I’m not sure they have a solid path either. What we need is a Bishop who will be an example for the Anglican Communion, whatever that may be for us.