Advent 2013

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Join us as we reflect with young ministers in our Church

Advent can be an inspiring time of hope and reflection, and also a time to challenge ourselves and explore our call to serve our community.  We’re so glad to journey this Advent with you, check back each week for a new reflection, and join the discussion on our Facebook page.

These writers are young ministers in our Church, each serving in a different way, each pausing to reflect on how the meanings of Advent have made them think about their work, and how we can let the season challenge and inspire us.

First Week of Advent

Amy Nee headshot advent (1)

Amy Nee-Walker, catholic worker and soon-to-be mom, reflects on Advent transformations.

“Advent is a time when ‘we are all invited to be pregnant together,’ invited into the spirituality of pregnancy.  It is a time to consciously practice the disciplines and sacrifices that happen automatically in the body.”

Read Amy’s Advent reflection here

Second Week of Advent

Sr Julia Walsh headshot advent

Sr. Julia Walsh, blogger and religion teacher, reflects on creating a counter-cultural Christmas

“when we remember what Christmas is really all about, we have reasons to resist”

Read Sr. Julia’s Advent reflection here

Third Week of Advent

Jen Omalley headshot advent

Jennifer O’Malley, Roman Catholic Womanpriest and educator, reflects on the call of Isaiah

“We build the kindom today by saying yes to recognizing the Christ within ourselves, our neighbors and all of creation”

Read Jennifer’s Advent reflection here

Fourth Week of Advent

Fr Shay Kearns headshot advent

Fr. Shannon Kearns, church planter and queer theology blogger, reflects on the challenges of building the Church we know is possible. 

“We are here now, working for justice in the church and the world, but we have not yet built the beloved community. We are here now loving one another but we are not yet a whole church.”

Read Fr. Shannon’s Advent reflection here