Act: Just Church Campaigns

The movement to create a more just church is almost as multifaceted as the Church itself.  Our work is led by impressive Catholics, both lay and religious, who are called by their faith to work for justice in the Church.

Church Worker Justice

Our Catholic Church has a long history of supporting the rights of secular workers; unfortunately, its own employees are not treated with the same respect. Workers in Catholic hospitals, schools, charities and parishes face discrimination, union busting and instability and are often poorly compensated for their dedication and hard work. The institutional church has actively litigated to expand the religious exemptions that leave church workers without the protection of U.S. labor laws. Call To Action works with Church workers to advocate for fair personnel policies, discrimination protections, the right to organize and employment practices that respect the rights of workers.

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Lay Engagement

The Church is not a building or a hierarchy, the Church is people. Call To Action seeks to inspire and support lay Catholics as they create the Church they are called to. We do this with educational speakers and resources, our annual national conference and support for local lay-led efforts and campaigns. Our programming and campaigns are led by lay people who feel called to create a more just church; their work is inspired by the impressive lay people who speak at our annual conference and local events and who contribute to educational resources.

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LGBT Justice

Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender Catholics and their allies are present in all parts of our Church and should be valued and celebrated as members of the colorful family of God. With our partners in the Equally Blessed coalition, we seek to educate and inspire Catholics to take action which promotes the dignity of LGBT people, their families and friends. We support efforts to create welcoming and healing spaces, amplify the pro-LGBT Catholic voice, advocate for LGBT church workers, parishioners and allies and much more.

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Racial Justice

As Catholics, we are part of a wonderfully diverse church, yet it is also one with a history of creating, benefiting from and sustaining racism in our world. Call To Action strives to confront these structures within our own organization and to help others to recognize and break down structures of racism in their own communities.

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Women and Girls Equality

Call To Action works for a Church in which women and girls are valued for who they are and the gifts they bring to the table. We believe that the Church would be enhanced and enlivened by recognizing the vocations of women as equal to those of men. Girls should be welcomed on the altar as servers, women should be valued as lay leaders and fully participate in decision making, and the call to the priesthood should be celebrated regardless of gender. We work in many different ways to restore the full participation of women in the liturgy, pastoral life and leadership of their communities.

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