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December 8, 2015


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It’s been a wonderful year for the Equally Blessed coalition! We’re most proud of the World Meeting of Families Pilgrimage, in which we sent over 20 pilgrims from a dozen LGBTQI Catholic families to Philadelphia, to witness to the fact that we are all equally blessed!

Throughout our week in Philadelphia, we had hundreds of individual encounters with other pilgrims, LGBTQI organizers, religious sisters and brothers, priests, and – yes – even bishops and cardinals. In each encounter, we told our individual stories and reminded others that LGBTQI Catholics should be treated with the same dignity, respect, compassion, and love in our church and society as their heterosexual counterparts.

In case you missed any part of our pilgrimage, you can view photos taken by our pilgrims on Flickrbrowse some of the national news coverage that we receivedread blog posts written by our pilgrims, and even meet us on Facebook.

Over the past few weeks, we’ve also been releasing a series of short videos on YouTube that tell even more of our stories.

Do our stories move you?

If so, would you consider passing this message on to friends and family who might also be moved by the work we’ve done?

As our year comes to a close, the Equally Blessed coalition currently has an over $5,000 deficit due to expenses we incurred during the pilgrimage. This includes housing and transportation for families who otherwise would not have been able to afford to attend the World Meeting of Families pilgrimage and witness to the holiness of LGBTQI Catholic families.

During this season of giving, please consider adding us to your Christmas wishlist, and encourage your friends and families to support our mission by donating at:

Merry Christmas from all of us at the Equally Blessed Coalition!

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