2015 Conference Theme Ideas

Written By Call To Action


September 4, 2014


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Call To Action has already begun to plan for the 2015 conference in Milwaukee, WI. Constituency groups (e.g, 20/30 leadership team) will be brainstorming theme ideas, suggestions, recommendations, etc. during the month of September.

If you have ideas and suggestions regarding the 2015 conference theme, please send a note to one of the conference planning committee members by September 30.

  • Rosa Manriquez, Board of Directors, echobythelake@aol.com
  • Alta Jacko, Board/Anti-racism Team, amjacko@netzero.net
  • Lena Woltering, Chapters, fosilize@aol.com
  • Marian Fredal, Anti-Racism Team, mhfredal@gmail.com
  • Emily Tetalman, 20/30 Young Adult Community, e.tetalman@gmail.com
  • Ryan Hoffmann, Staff, ryan@cta-usa.org

The conference planning committee will finalize themes and submit for approval in October. If you have general questions, feel free to be in touch with Ryan Hoffmann, Director of Communications, at ryan@cta-usa.org.