Call To Action’s Look

How did Call To Action’s current “look” come to be?

Call To Action’s Board of Directors commissioned a strategic planning committee in 2011 that recommended the organization review its look, also known as a brand identity, in order to reflect the current movement and effectively communicate its mission to new audiences. The new look is how the organization “looks and feels” to the public. It includes color, type treatment (e.g., fonts), tagline, spacing, and logo. In addition, brand identity assists the organization in succinctly and clearly communicating its vision and core values. We are excited to have this new look that will help Call To Action fulfill and expand its mission.

What was the process, and who was involved, in creating this look?

As a result of the Board’s strategic plan, Call To Action convened a branding committee to oversee the creation and implementation of a renewed brand identity. Every leadership constituency elected a representative to this committee. These representatives included members from the board, chapters, staff, Anti-Racism and CTA 20/30 young adult teams. The branding committee worked with a values-based branding consultant to create a new look that would reflect the organization’s vision and mission. The branding committee sought input and feedback from all of Call To Action’s leadership constituency groups, members, and supporters via email surveys and facebook questionnaires. The new look was approved by the Call To Action Board of Directors at its meeting in February 2013.

What does the new logo represent?

At the center of the logo is a blue dove, representing the role of the Holy Spirit in the work of Call To Action and the Church. The Holy Spirit, dynamic and embodied, moves outward (yellow and orange rays) in faith on its quest to inspire Catholics and transform Church. Together, with faith, we can transform anything!

Why did Call To Action add the tagline “Inspire Catholics, Transform Church” and what does it mean?

It is important for Call To Action to identify with its Catholic faith. For that reason it was crucial to include “Catholic” in the tagline. Moreover, after several rounds of dialogue and discernment around the organization’s mission, vision and core values, the branding committee, in consultation with all of Call To Action constituencies, affirmed as central to its mission the need for Catholics to inspire one another to cultivate a better, transformed church rooted in justice and equality for all Catholics.

How does the look improve Call To Action’s public identity?

Having a professional “organizational face” – consistent look and cohesive identity – will help Call To Action better fulfill and expand its mission by increasing recognizability, visibility, and presence externally.

How do I get permission to use the new logo?

The new brand identity (logo, tagline, type treatment, colors, etc.), in its entirety or in piece, cannot be used without express written permission from Call To Action. The new brand is protected by copyright laws and failure to secure consent can and will result in legal action. To seek permission of use, please contact Ryan Hoffmann, Director of Communications, at or by phone at 773.404.0004 (x285).

If I have questions and/or feedback about the look who should I contact?

Ryan Hoffmann, Director of Communications, at or by phone at 773.404.0004 (x285).

If I want more information about Call To Action, what should I do?

For more information one can visit the Call To Action website ( where one can sign-up for email action alerts, become a member, find a local chapter, donate to Call To Action’s mission, or learn more about the organization. If you have questions, or would like information sent to you, please contact Justin Sengstock, Membership Associate, at 773.404.0004 x221.