Call To Action educates, inspires and activates Catholics to act for justice and build inclusive communities through a lens of anti-racism and anti-oppression principles.

How do we embody our mission? Take a listen!


Call To Action will be the leader in challenging Catholics to act for justice and build inclusive communities.

Core Beliefs

We believe that:

  • The people of God are called to live lives rooted in the Gospel.
  • The church is the people of God and the people of God are accountable to the Creator and each other.
  • Faith communities have the responsibility to foster inclusivity and justice.
  • Every individual has the right to act according to an informed conscience and the responsibility to promote the equality and dignity of all people.

Logo, Name, and Tagline

What does the logo represent? Why does the tagline mean? These “brand tools” help Call To Action share our story and expand our mission. Check out these brand FAQs to learn more about Call To Action’s “look.”

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Call To Action’s Viewbook

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