Margie & Andrea

Written By Call To Action


July 21, 2015


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20150709_161853Dear Friend,

After eight years of exemplary service, Margie Winters was recently fired from the Marcy Waldron Academy after someone complained about their same-sex marriage.

The academy, a Catholic school sponsored by the Sisters of Mercy, claims to be a “diverse faith community rooted in the gospel values of mercy and justice.”

We have been working with Margie and her partner, Andrea, to provide support and give them voice during this difficult time. They want to tell you this:

“The experience of the last six weeks has been extremely painful for Andrea and me [Margie]. The support that we’ve received during this time has been overwhelming. This community has held us up and has accompanied us every step of the way. The experience has shown us that many in the church desire an inclusive church that bases its decisions on love and mercy. We desire a place at the table in this Church that we so deeply love and in which we know we can be of service.”

Stand with Margie and Andrea and tell our Church leaders that firing someone for their same-sex relationship is not congruent with the Gospel values of mercy and justice:

Sr. Patricia Vetrano
President of the Mid-Atlantic Sisters of Mercy of the Americas

Abp. Chaput
Archbishop of Philadelphia

Cardinal Gerhard Ludwig Muller
Perfect of the Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith

Even a small note would speak up for equality and justice in our church.

Call To Action is fortunate to have gotten to know Margie and Andrea better the past several days. They are inspiring us to transform Church!

In solidarity,

Jim FitzGerald, Executive Director


  • anne says:

    Firing someone for their same sex relationship and civil marriage while supporting cover-ups for sex abuse in the Catholic Church is just one of the paradoxes and continued contradictions still in place. I would ask the Srs. of Mercy and their leadership to live out their charism and mission. I have less hope the hierarchy can hear the message of Jesus or Francis for that matter.

  • Denise Copeland says:

    Leave the punishment of sin to Jesus.

    • Joyce says:

      Sent off note to Archbishop . I quote: “I support Margie and Andrea and my God of love does also” Received reply saying “God is not yours or mine” and talked of God’s will for ‘us’. I happened to be re-reading “In Search of Belief” and was able to respond with words which normally escape me..basically that it is the God in whom we choose to believe that determines our spiritual life.”Made in the image of God we grow in the image of God we make for ourselves” and I choose a God of love. I ended with statement of peace and love .. He responded but I deleted. I felt a bit overwhelmed as I didn’t expect to have to defend “my God”
      New to CTA and Called to Action.

  • Judi Gay says:

    I feel a certain doubt when Bishops decide to interpret God.