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What is a Call To Action chapter?

Call To Action Chapters are the backbone of the church justice movement, providing on-the-ground local responses to church injustice. Together, chapter members chart the way towards just and inclusive faith communities.

Chapters are a group of Catholics who have formally affiliated with Call To Action and who come together on a regular basis to work for justice in their Church and local communities. Call To Action has more than 50 chapters across North America from Alaska to Florida.

Call To Action chapters are  independent, incorporated local organizations. While Call To Action chapters are autonomous, they benefit from consultation and coordination with Call To Action national.

What do chapters do?

Call To Action chapters take on a number of projects, from local church justice vigils to workshops for spiritual nourishment.  Here are some examples of recent chapter activities:


  • Host open discussions on church issues
  • Issue press statements and coordinate newspaper media initiatives
  • Promote women’s leadership in the church with Mary Magdala celebrations
  • Show movies such as Pink Smoke, Band of Sisters, Hand of God
  • Meet with bishops for consultation and dialogue
  • Show DVDs from conference speakers with discussion
  • Expose and explain “white privilege” as part of anti-racism efforts
  • Communicate through newsletters, email listservs, action alerts, & social media
  • Network with other church renewal and justice organizations as well as parish leaders
  • Host speakers to educate on issues, organize campaigns and promote spirituality
  • Share information on social justice issues in the local community
  • Celebrate local church justice victories


  • Gather small faith communities
  • Organize spirituality presentations
  • Form intentional Eucharistic communities
  • Spawn book discussion groups


  • Witness for justice by supporting local justice coalitions (e.g., immigration)
  • Demonstrate support for Women Religious
  • Support LGBT Catholics; (e.g., through actions associated with the Equally Blessed Coalition)
  • Direct service projects such as feeding homeless
  • Confront Church authorities on behalf of girl altar servers
  • Provide support and outreach for women’s equality in the Church
  • Pressure religious authorities to “do the right thing”
  • Prayerful Vigil at Chrism Mass in support of women’s ordination
  • Work to expand the statute of limitations
  • Work on national Call To Action Campaigns
  • Hold fundraisers
  • Form non-violent demonstrations
  • Organize support for teachers & other church workers against unfair practices

How do I start a chapter?

For more information about starting a chapter, download the CTA Chapter Brochure or contact cta@cta-usa.org.