Building the Church we need– Guerrilla Communion is growing!

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January 17, 2014


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Drawing inspiration from one another, and spreading inspiration across the country, young progressive Catholics are transforming their Church in DC.  CTA has long been the gathering place of supportive, inclusive worship communities of all sorts and the growing “guerrilla communion” model started recently in DC has so recognizable roots– a conversation at a CTA conference and a yearning for community.

The monthly potluck and prayer gatherings of young progressive Catholics in the DC area has grown rapidly and caught the notice of NCR writer Jamie Manson.  Jamie wrote about the effort, which has already inspired similar gatherings in Baltimore and NYC, in this week’s column.  Be sure to read the whole article!  Its full of great quotes and insights from the community members.

Then check out the “how to” guide by Kate and Katie, they encourage others to start with their friends and reach out to groups like CTA and Dignity, then “promote your event as widely as you can, using your team of planners to reach out to their different networks and bring their people. Former Catholics, catholic groupies, that friend from that undergrad religion class you took that time: definitely welcome. Try to make the event as accessible and inclusive as you can.”

CTA is so impressed by this new version of the beautiful, and ancient, version of Church we love: a small group of people coming together to worship and create welcoming community, and spreading the idea by simply living as an example to others.

If you’re interested in starting your own Guerrilla Communion group, or want to check out the ones in DC, Baltimore or NYC, contact our 20/30 coordinator at

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